WIN! Small Animal Emergency Medicine (2-Volume Set)
RRP A$390

As one of the world’s leading veterinary CPD providers, we pride ourselves on being innovative and at the forefront of progressive education.

Our Small Animal Emergency & Critical Care modular program is re-launching in July 2019. The program has undergone a full update and comes with our ECC Membership Guarantee: If you complete# the 2019-20 program and don’t pass your ECC Membership examinations in 2020, you can take the program again in 2020-21, FREE OF CHARGE.

To celebrate the launch of the updated program, we’re giving away a copy of Drobatz, Hopper, Rozanski & Silverstein’s Small Animal Emergency Medicine (2-volume set), valued at A$390.00!

#Completion of the program includes attendance at all face-to-face sessions, viewing of the online webinars, completion of course materials and submission of the module exam questions for specialist feedback.