Small Animal Ultrasonography

I thoroughly enjoyed the ultrasound modular program as the teaching was well paced and the opportunity to practise ultrasound under the guidance of experienced ultrasonographers was invaluable and really helped to reinforce the theory.

Jessica Wong (New South Wales)

Small Animal Ultrasonography

The ultrasound course was a great success. The notes were clear, the tutors were very supportive and approachable. It was great to have of 24 hours of actual scanning. I would definitely recommend this course.

Mark Pangalila (New Zealand)

Small Animal Ultrasonography

I found the Small Animal Ultrasound program extremely well set out with well structured lectures and material. The best part of the course was the large amount of practical time with very knowledgeable tutors that helped to get a great understanding and practical application of actually ultrasounding patients.

Katie Collins (Queensland)

Small Animal Ultrasonography

I found the Small Animal Ultrasonography course an invaluable tool in improving my diagnostic imaging knowledge. The modules are very well planned out and taught followed-up by low-stress, high-impact practical sessions with expert vet ultrasound tutors. While this skill does not come naturally to me, I feel incomparably more confident and competent at this end of the course than I did going in to it.

David Clifford (New South Wales)

Small Animal Ultrasonography

I have been searching for a hands-on, practical Small Animal Ultrasound Course. There are so many intense single weekend “crash courses” out there (which wouldn’t give you much practice — as they say “practice makes perfect!”) but very few year-long programs available like Improve’s. It was a perfect balance between succinct, informative and useful morning theory lectures with hands-on practical scanning sessions to apply the morning’s lectures with the guided assistance of experienced ultrasonographers. <Read more>

Brendan Suen (Victoria)

Introduction to Ultrasound

I’ve really come back to practice with a much more structured approach to performing my own ultrasounds, and have already been testing myself and attempting more than I would have before. I also know how much practice is ahead of me to really become proficient, but feel much more empowered than I did prior to doing the course – even despite having so much prior experience with watching lots of ultrasounds! Thanks for a great course, Improve! <Read more>

Hannah Lobegeier (Queensland)

Emergency and Critical Care

My experience of the course has exceeded expectations. It has not only improved the way I approach emergency patients, but has also improved my general medicine for example my approach to and understanding of fluid therapy, analgesia, antimicrobial therapy, cardiorespiratory monitoring, monitoring of hospitalised patients etc. <Read more>

Georgina Thompson (Queensland)

Introduction to Ultrasound

I have much more confidence and picked up some great tips and tricks to help to orientate myself. I also took away a greater understanding of the different technical aspects of sonography and instead of being a bit scared of all of the buttons and settings I now know how to use them to improve my image quality. I cannot recommend this course highly enough if you are looking to improve your ultrasound skills. <Read more>

Kellie Thomas (New South Wales)

Small Animal Medicine

The Small Animal Medicine program has made me motivated me in getting into studying medicine again. As a result changing practice protocols on dealing with specific medical conditions and getting new diagnostic equipment all of which will allow us to perform a higher level of veterinary care.

Simon Arnesen (South Australia)

Small Animal Surgery

I realised after the first module how much knowledge gaps there are despite being a fairly experienced and competent surgeon. It is a great guide towards doing the Membership exams, providing a more modular approach to a very broad subject area. The course is well organised and the lectures are great. Great course, well worth the monies!

Claudia O’Connell (Western Australia)