Emergency & Critical Care – Testimonial (Georgina Thompson, QLD)

My motivation behind enrolling in the course was to improve my knowledge and subsequently the standard of care I could offer my patients presenting in emergent situations. I am not employed in a referral emergency setting, however I believe that primary care/ GP vets are also frequently enough exposed to emergency situations (particularly in rural and regional areas of Australia, where access to specialist services are limited) that increased knowledge in this area of medicine would be beneficial to standards of practice, patient outcomes and job satisfaction.

My experience of the course has exceeded expectations. It has not only improved the way I approach emergency patients, but has also improved my general medicine for example my approach to and understanding of fluid therapy, analgesia, antimicrobial therapy, cardiorespiratory monitoring, monitoring of hospitalised patients etc. The modular approach, while intended and useful for membership exam revision, has also allowed the large and diverse subject matter to be approached in a systematic and achievable format.

In short, given the quality of presentations, the level of interaction with lecturers made possible and the general level of support available during this course, it is my opinion that the Improve International ECC course offers excellent value for money and is achievable and beneficial for any practitioners with an interest in emergency medicine, not only to those working exclusively in this field.

Georgina Thompson (Queensland)