The Improve International Small Animal Surgery two-year modular training program is accredited by European School of Veterinary Post Graduate Studies for the General Practical Certificate in Small Animal Surgery (GPCert).

Candidates for the GPCert(SAS) are required to attend the Improve International Australia two-year modular program and register for the the GPCert(SAS) through the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate studies.

Candidates must study all areas of the course syllabus and successfully complete the ESVPS requirements below. In some cases, not all of the course syllabus is covered in the taught program and additional study will be required.

The GPCert(SAS) qualification has been validated by Harper Adams University (HAU), United Kingdom.

ESVPS requirements

To achieve the GPCert(SAS) candidates must complete and pass the following:

  • Register with the ESVPS and pay the applicable fees
  • Attend the complete two-year ESVPS accredited modular training program
  • Submit one x 2,500 word case report
  • Submit 10 x 500 word case studies
  • Complete the pre and post module questions online
  • Sit a 100 multiple choice questions examination.

Candidates will also be required to complete the following additional study:

  • Further reading on the taught subjects
  • Additional study of the non-taught areas of the course syllabus.

2019 submission and examination dates

  • Case study submission date: 4th July 2019
  • Case report submission date: 1st August 2019
  • 2019 examination date: 9th October 2019

2020/21 examination dates are to be advised.

ESVPS will send regular email reminders of submission dates and details of the final examination to registered candidates.

Candidates must inform ESVPS of any change of contact details during the course period.

On successful attainment of the GPCert(SAS) candidates will be awarded with a personalised certificate and their name will be included in the ESVPS register of General Practitioner Certificate holders.

Fees in 2020

  • ESVPS registration—GBP £650 (a further payment of approximately GBP £140 is required for remote invigilation, if necessary)
  • Examination re-sit—GBP £150
  • Case report re-submisson—GBP £150

Fees in 2121

  • ESVPS registration—GBP £695 (a further payment is required for remote invigilation, if necessary)
  • Examination re-sit—GBP £200
  • Case report re-submission—GBP £200

Frequently asked questions

How long will it take?

Candidates can achieve a GPCert(SAS) qualification within two years (dependent on examination timings), but have up to four years in which to complete the training program and examination.

The total amount of time spent will vary from candidate to candidate. An average candidate will spend between 10-15 hours per month on private study, reflective learning, and completion of the case report.

What if I am not successful in passing one of the components of the examination?

Candidates are required to pass all components of the examination to gain the GPCert(SAS) qualification.

Candidates who fail their case report will be given clear indications where they were unsuccessful and guidelines on how to complete their case report to the required standard. Candidates who are unsuccessful in the final examination will be given a breakdown of the areas they were weakest in and additional study recommended.

Candidates have the opportunity to resit the examination if they have been unsuccessful. Please note additional examination fees for a subsequent examination will be required.

Is tutor support available?

Yes, a tutor support service is available via the ESVPS, with English-speaking countries outside of Europe having a dedicated contact person.

How do I get started on the path to GPCert(SAS)?

Please register for the Improve International Small Animal Surgery program, commencing in March 2019.