TTA Rapid – Melbourne (2019)


16 Participants

8.30 – 16.30

Melbourne, VIC

This course outlines the development of the TTA Rapid procedure.

The course is designed for those already familiar with stifle surgery and the diagnosis of cranial cruciate ligament disease. (Meniscal examination will not be a focus.) Previous experience of osteotomy techniques is not required but would be an asset.


TTA Rapid is fully explained, including the technique, the implants and instrumentation, the aftercare, potential complications and how to avoid them. A paper exercise demonstrates calculation of cage size for the correct tibial tuberosity advancement. Dry bone and cadaver exercises follow.


  • Comprehensive course notes are supplied.
  • Full catering is provided throughout the day.

Speaker / Venue

To be confirmed.

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Key learning objectives:

  • Understand the theory of how and why TTA Rapid works
  • Understand the implants and instruments used for TTA Rapid
  • Understand how to perform the TTA Rapid technique including choosing the right cage
  • Understand how to minimise complications

Prices and booking

Course fee TBC.

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